All about Terpene Tinctures: Rising Star of Personal Health Care

All about Terpene Tinctures: Rising Star of Personal Health Care

If you are using personal health care products for some time or new to this discipline, you must notice a word is buzzing around recently, and that is ‘Terpene Tinctures.’ Some of you may know the basics, like terpene tincture is the fragrance of cannabis that can be consumed (which is not 100% correct), while many don’t even have any idea of what is terpene tincture. Worry not my friend, today I will answer all the Frequently Asked Questions about terpene tinctures so that you don’t have to ramble around the tide of the internet.

Some sellers advertise terpene tinctures as the all in one solution you must use, some will say it is not that much effective. But, I suggest you not to trust any of them without having authentic information.

To make life easier for you, I bored into the ocean of information and answered all the FAQ’s based on that. Below are the mysteries I will solve today:

  • What are terpenes?
  • What are tinctures?
  • What are the benefits of terpene tinctures?
  • CBD oil vs. CBD Tinctures
  • Which terpenes should you buy?
  • The most concerning question, can’t tell you now. It’s a surprise :p
  • A precaution!!!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Note: Please do not get confused while I use BSH and CBD in the later parts of the article. It may look like they are used interchangeably, but, in reality, CBD is one of the main ingredients of BSH. More on that later. Now enjoy.

What are Terpenes?

In simple words, terpenes are odors that we experience from varieties of flowers, fruits, and herbs. Experts say terpenes are odors that make the flowers and fruits more productive, help to preserve their effectiveness, and keep them safe.

You may find the terms ‘terpene’ and ‘terpenoids’ are used interchangeably. There is no wrong for that. While terpene is the naturally occurring hydrocarbon, terpenoid is the compound generated from terpenes that may include oxygen or some rearrangement.

But, not all terpenes are equally popular or influential. In this article, I will discuss BSH (Broad Spectrum Hemp high in CBD, CBG, and CBN) terpenes in detail, which recent scientific researchers have found to be very useful for our overall health.

What are Tinctures?

Tinctures are plant or animal extracts typically dissolved in alcohol. CBD (cannabinoids) tinctures are extracts from the hemp plants which is dissolved in ethanol.

Before the US government prohibited the usage of cannabis, tinctures had been used as the primary form of CBD medication. This was mainly because of its effectiveness and absorption method.

As the government has legalized using CBD products in all states (except Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota), you can now enjoy the benefits of CBD tinctures for improving your health and wellbeing. The FDA is still strict about the unregulated usage of CBD. If you wonder what type of CBD is best for you, you can visit this post.

So, simply put the issue of BSH Terpene Tincture in this way,

While BSH Terpenes are fragrance extracted from hemp flowers and buds, BSH Tinctures are alcohol-based extracts of cannabinoids.

Photo by Oliver King from Pexels

What are the Benefits of BSH Terpene Tinctures?

Even 15 to 20 years ago, all we knew about Marijuana were terrible and illegal things. It was banned in almost all states. But, recently, thanks to scientific research findings, our perspective toward this has changed so drastically that it is now legal in the states, except Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

So, if you live in any state of the United States, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD, CBG, and CBN products (you can’t help in certain conditions, I have discussed them later).

Let’s see what benefits BSH terpene tinctures can offer to our overall health:

Boost Your Immunity

This whole COVID 19 thing has taught us the importance of a robust immune system in a harsh but practical way.

According to a journal from in The US National Library of Medicine, proper application of CBD products can boost our immunity by improving our innate or adaptive response system.1

Soothe Muscle Discomfort

CBD oil has been used in muscle discomfort treatment for thousands of years. Recent scientific researches have found proof in that belief.

In a study on rats, researchers found a significant drop of arthritis-related pain after applying CBD topical gels and concluded that we human could also benefit from using CBD oils and terpenes.2

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine claimed to find the effectiveness of using CBD in treating chronic pain and inflammation.3

Apart from these two, there are numerous researches conducted on the effectiveness of CBD products in treating different types of muscle pain, like muscle tension, stress, and post-exercise inflammation. Most of the studies found, using CBD products, like oils and terpenes, in a proper way can be beneficial for pain treatment. 456

The studies also found CBD medicines to be effective in treating cancer-related pain.7

Improve Sleep Quality

Research has found that using CBD terpenes with proper tinctures can treat insomnia and improve the quality of sleep. 58

Many of us are suffering from sleeping disorders due to various reasons like physical disturbance, medical issues, and psychiatric disorders. CBD terpenes can extend helping hands in treating sleeping disorders, especially the ones caused by psychiatric issues.

Using CBD terpenes with calming tincture can effectively calm our nerves and improve our moods by reducing psychiatric issues, like depression and anxiety.

Improves Your Mood

The soothing and floral scent of terpenes is bound to lift your mood.

After day’s hard work, when your body and mind crave relaxation and replenishment, you can use CBD Terpenes to accomplish the task in the nicest possible way.

When CBD terpenes are infused with renowned relaxing tinctures, like cherry chocolate, it can enhance the healing process even further.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Tinctures

When you research CBD for medication purposes, you come to know two terms, CBD oil and CBD tinctures. And both of them claim to effective. Daunting, right?

Ok, let’s make it clear in an easy, understandable way.

CBD oil is the oil extracted from the hemp plants, flower, and seeds, while CBD tinctures are also hemp extracts, but it has done in the presence of alcohol.

With that said, here are some key differences between CBD oil and CBD tinctures from Difference Between.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

After reading the previous part, you have understood there is very little difference between CBD oil and BSH (Broad Spectrum Hemp high in CBD, CBG, and CBN) terpenes. So, it is a matter of personal preference. But, for making it easier to make decisions for you, here are some other little facts.

Take BSH tinctures is you want quick results as some experts claim tinctures start working quicker than oil.

Take BSH tinctures if you want to keep it for a long time.

Take CBD oil if you have any alcohol intolerance and prefer to inhale it.

For massage purposes, CBD oil is preferred.

If you like strong fragrance, then go for CBD tincture.

Now, you might be wondering where to get the best BSH Terpene Tincture. I got your back here too, my friend. I have an offer for you that you can’t refuse.

Introducing our all-new ‘Terpene Tincture Bundle,’ which consists of three exclusive terpene tinctures that are bound to give your overall wellness a boost. Let’s see what the three terpene tinctures have to offer:

Citrus Peppermint Tincture with Immunity Terpene Profile

A compromised immunity can result in many systemic issues and even set the stage for serious illness. From asthma and allergies to cancer and autism, some of the most common health problems are rooted in a broken or severely challenged immune system. This select blend combines several of the most noted terpenes to fight undifferentiated cell proliferation, viruses, bacteria, and infection.

Cherry Chocolate Tincture with Sleep Terpene Profile

This formula contains a blend of terpenes known to act as sedatives. It provides a very soothing experience that is effective in relieving stress and anxiety and serves well in fighting insomnia. This blend of isolated terpenes will aid in a full night of restful sleep without the annoying side effects experienced from prescription sedatives.

Cinnamon Coffee Tincture with Pain Terpene Profile

Whether caused by trauma or a medical condition, pain is often linked to some form of inflammation. Acute and chronic symptoms can be effectively managed with the right combination of anti-inflammatory terpenes. This blend does just that, and more. Take off the edge and say goodbye to restless nights, stiff mornings, and reduced mobility. Nobody should live in pain.

So, what’s the offer you can’t refuse?

Now Grab Your Terpene Tincture Bundle in $30 Discount + Get Free Delivery all over the country

Image by Erin Stone from Pixabay

How to Use BSH Terpene Tinctures?

One thing I can assure you that you can’t overdose CBD tincture. But taking more than necessary doesn’t translate into more benefits. With that said, here are some tips to make CBD tinctures more efficiently and effectively;

  • As CBD tinctures are very potent, it is recommended to take in a small dosage.
  • Use the dropper provided in the bottle for dosing.
  • Your age, weight, intent, and reason for taking dose are the factors that influence the amount of the dosage required.
  • Example: Take 5-50mg for anxiety and depression related issues. Taking between 25-160 mg is suggested for treating insomnia.
  • Please read the ‘Caution’ section carefully to avoid any issues.

Now, here’s the million-dollar question that everyone asks,

Do BSH Terpene Tinctures Make You High?

No, BSH tincture will not make you high. Though our products contain BSH (High is CBD, CBG, and CBN), it does not contain marijuana or THC, which are known for their very psychoactive properties. 9

Though our ‘Cherry Chocolate Tincture with Sleep Terpene Profile’ is more sedating than the other two terpene profile, it is not psychoactive at all. All it does is helping you to get relief from anxiety and have a good sleep.


Though using BSH in medication has many proven benefits and considered as safe in almost all situations, experts suggest addressing some precautions to avoid any harm. Some of them are as follows;

  1. Most experts suggest that people under 18 years old should not take CBD products. Some even suggest the minimum age should be 21 years old.
  2. Pregnant women should consult with a physician before using any kind of CBD products.
  3. Nurses who take care of pregnant women should consult with a physician before using CBD terpene tinctures.
  4. If you feel any sort of abnormality, like diarrhea, excessive fatigue, or dry mouth, stop using the products immediately and consult with a physician.
Photo by Oliver King from Pexels

So, here are all FAQ’s on BSH terpene tinctures answered. Is there anything I missed that should be included here? Please let me know in the comment section. Share this article with your friends and family to share information.

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