benefits of meditation

Seven Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation That Can’t be Ignored

Meditation is the exercise of mind that is practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years. It is widely known that meditation is very effective in bringing peace of mind and reducing anxiety. But how many of us know that recent science has discovered many other benefits that meditation can offer? If you are one … Read more

what is cannabinol

What Is Cannabinol (CBN)? What Scientific Studies Say About It.

CBN, also known as Cannabinol, is one of the 100+ active chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis plants. Though it is the earliest compound to be derived from the cannabis plant due to the widespread popularity of CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), many of us don’t even know the name of the compound. But, after … Read more

5 Best At Home Stress Management Activities Anyone Can Do

Stress is a particular state of our body and mind which may occur due to challenging and demanding situations that we may face. Sometimes stress is good for us because helps us to meeting the deadlines or avoid dangers. However, excessive stress is not good for our health. In the USA, 70% of people states … Read more

5 home remedies for leg & foot pain

Five Home Remedies for Leg & Foot Pain

You will be surprised to know that pain in any leg is a symptom of many traumatic diseases. A muscle sprain or strain, muscle tear, muscle fatigue, nerve problems, nutritional deficiency, dehydration, bone fracture, etc. are the usual leg pain symptoms. You have to take effective measures when you feel leg pain or other symptoms … Read more