Hemp & Naturally Occurring CBD Products for Pets

Hemp & Naturally Occurring CBD Products for Pets

If you are an enthusiastic pet parent, you must have heard the name of CBD products for pets. The reputation of CBD products for pet care is rising quickly, thanks to their amazing benefits. But, some parents are still skeptical about whether CBD products are beneficial for their beloved pets. If yes, then exactly how and where they can get the best CBD products for their cuties.

If this is you, my friend, then this post is only for you.

In this article, I will discuss what is CBD, what are the different types of CBD, what are the benefits it can offer to your pets, and how & where can you get the best CBD products for your pets?

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the discussion.

What is CBD

The word CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is extracted from cannabis and hemp plant. More than 60 types of chemical compounds can be found in cannabis saliva plants, and among them, CBD is the most popular one for both human and animal consumption.

According to the experts, CBD extracted from hempseed oil is best for pets. That’s because it’s not only non-psychoactive but also rich in natural nutrients like fatty acids, protein, and essential oils.

What are the different types of CBD of pets

The types of CBD available for pets can daunt anyone who is not familiar with the industry for quite a long time. However, I will try to keep things as simple as possible. With that said, below are some most common types of CBD available for pets.

Full Spectrum Hemp (FSH)

As the name suggests, full spectrum CBD contains all the natural ingredients of the hemp plant. Those natural ingredients are terpenes, CBC, CBG, and other essential oils. Some industry experts advocate that FSH is the best one to use as it contains all the nutritional benefits of the hemp plant. But, others suggest using broad spectrum hemp as FSH contains THC, which is considered to be a psychoactive ingredients. Any accidental dosage or manufacturing fault can cause harm to your beloved pets.

Broad Spectrum Hemp (BSH)

This type of CBD products is the most popular for both human medications and pet medications. When the hemp plant components are secluded and reintroduced according to a specific proportion, the CBD produced through this process is known as BSH CBD. One of the main benefits of this type of CBD is that the components can be reintroduced based on specific requirements and can serve specific purpose. For example, specific ratios can be used to alleviate pain, while different ratios can be used to provide relief from anxiety.

Another main reason behind such popularity of BSH is, THC is completely removed while extracting BSH CBD. That means BSH CBD is entirely non-psychoactive.


Isolate CBD is the pure CBD extracted from the hemp plant. No other naturally occurring ingredients are contained in this type of CBD. Isolate CBD is sold as a powder and often mixed with essential oils, like MCT oil.

Benefits of CBD for pets

Hemp-derived CBD is all-natural and completely non-psychoactive. There is no scientific data that can prove that CBD products have side effects on pets, but there are some potential side effects that are assumed based on the studies conducted on humans (American Kennel Club).

Some of the side effects might include short-term drowsiness, loss of appetite, etc. But all the experts agree that using high-quality products in the right amount can reduce the risk, almost to 0.

Now, enough guidance, let’s see some of the unique benefits CBD products can offer to your pets.

Due to the lack of research in this field, currently, we don’t know what other benefits CBD can offer to our pets. But the good news is, more and more studies are being conducted in this field, and we are getting to know about the benefits of the products.

How to get the best CBD products for your pets?

Below are some tips for choosing the best CBD products for your pets:

  • Choose a 100% natural product.
  • Look for organic super-foods. Don’t forget to consult with a veterinarian for the right oil.
  • Look gluten and GMA free products.
  • Ensure the products contain dairy-free 100% healthy ingredients.
  • Before buying, do your research and try to know how exactly it can help your pets. If you don’t feel confident, please reach out to the experts so that they can provide some guidelines.
  • We suggest choosing BSH CBD products only.
  • Prepare a handy chart of dosage and verify it by the experts. If the manufacturer supplies it with the product, then it is a plus.

So, you might be wondering ensuring all these things are very tough, and you can’t do it by yourself.

But, worry, not my friend. We, Leaf of Life Wellness, have got your back. Below is the chart for dosing.

Cat: 1 to 5mg.

Dog: 1 to 5mg per 10lbs. That means if your dog weighs 30lbs, then dosage quantity should range between 3mg to 15mg. It is recommended to start from the middle. It would be best if you took note of the condition of your dog, whether it is improving or deteriorating. It will help you to determine the optimal dosage for your dog. If you find any abnormality on your dog, it is highly suggested to consult with a veterinarian.

Now, the last question. Where can you get the best Hemp CBD products for your pets?

Check out our CBD products exclusive manufactured for pets that deserve extra love from their parents. All our CBD products are 100% natural and rigorously tested to ensure high quality and effectiveness.

So, that’s all for today. Don’t forget to share your experience with pet care and pet products in the comment sections. If you have any questions regarding CBD pet products, please feel free to comment, I would love to help you, my friend.



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