Know the Differences: Not All CBD is Created Equal

The world has caught up with the fact CBD promises and fulfills a need in the healthcare field. The business of providing this need has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. What you have to know about CBD products is that not all CBD is created equal.

Just as with other products you buy, you should also check what CBD is before purchasing your supply. There is a way for you to choose the right CBD for your performance or health when you navigate through the markets that sell these products.

What is the Difference Between CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum Hemp, and Full Spectrum?

These products might sound the same to you, but there are definite differences between these products. CBD products all come from the cannabis plant, using solvents such as CO2. When the extractions are done, the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids are stripped from the plant and dissolved in oil. Being dissolved in oil makes it easier to store and administer.

Depending on how the product will be used in its final form is what determines which cannabinoid spectrum from which strain will be used. What happens with the cannabinoids after its initial extraction is what will determine if it is a CBD isolate, broad spectrum hemp, or full spectrum.

  • CBD isolate is the purest form and is made by pulling it from its natural environment. Once picked, it is removed from all other ingredients. The advantage of the CBD isolate is that one gram of the powder form contains 990mg of CBD.
  • Broad spectrum hemp contains all compounds found within the plant, except for the THC. This product will contain multiple cannabinoids, so it produces an ‘entourage effect.’ The broad spectrum hemp is a mixture of full spectrum and CBD isolate.
  • Full spectrum CBD contains all phytochemicals that are naturally found within the plant. These are all the CBD, essential oils, terpenes, and trace cannabinoids. There is also a negligible THC content of less than 0.3%.

Just as with other products you buy, you should also check what CBD is before purchasing your supply. There is a way for you to choose the right CBD for your performance or health when you navigate through the markets that sell these products.

Certificate of Analysis Disclosure

The first place to check on your CBD choice is the COA (Certificate of Analysis) to check the source’s quality. This certificate will list the potency of the product, solvents, testing done for pesticides or heavy metals, and microbial analysis.

If the CBD company you are buying through is reputable, they will publish COAs to verify the quality of their products. Remember, broad spectrum hemp absorbs everything in the soil where it is grown. The certificate will tell what chemicals or compounds could possibly be found in the broad spectrum hemp used in each CBD, so you know how healthy it is.

If your supplier does not have COA, or you feel the product has been tampered with, keep looking. If it doesn’t have a COA, you could be buying a product that is fraudulent or toxic. It is not worth your health to take a chance on something you have no guarantee of its worth.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Versus Marijuana

There is a difference between broad spectrum hemp and marijuana. These products are both cannabis plants; however, broad spectrum hemp contains higher levels of CBD and less THC (the compound that makes you ‘high’) than marijuana.

The federal legal definition of broad spectrum hemp requires the plant to contain 0.3%, or less THC. Marijuana contains some CBD, so you will get its effects when you use it, but the sale of marijuana is regulated so that you can only purchase it through legal dispensaries. CBD, when derived from broad spectrum hemp is permitted, but its legal status is different in each state. Click here to understand our process of creating your CBD oils. 

Understand What to Look For When Purchasing CBD

There are products derived from both the broad spectrum hemp and marijuana. The CBD product you choose will depend on your needs. Many people prefer to stay away from the marijuana products because of the potential psychoactive effects it can have on users. The THC in marijuana-based products could show up on a drug test if you are given one. If you are an athlete or your job requires random drug tests, you may want to stay away from these CBD products.

Stay Away From CBD Sold From International Suppliers

CBD from international suppliers can have a lot of problems. Broad spectrum hemp is basically a weed. It will take everything out of the soil and absorb it into the plant. You want to be sure you know where your CBD supply comes from and then be able to research the region for any questionable agricultural practices. You want to be sure that where it was grown does not have toxins or heavy metals in the soil.

To ensure you are getting a broad spectrum hemp product of high quality, contact Leaf Life Wellness, where you can find the best in holistic care. They have been in the wellness and beauty industry for more than thirty years and will provide you with only the best-quality broad spectrum hemp CBD products.



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