The Ultimate Guide on Beard Grooming

The Ultimate Guide on Beard Grooming

Whether you are a young adult who is thrilled with your new grown beard or an adult who is enjoying those gorgeous looking mane or just a simple person who loves to maintain a perfect stubble, today you are for a treat, my friend. Regardless of your age and type of beard, you know you should be grooming your beard and it is very important to maintain beard and skin hygiene and optimal status.

When it comes to perfect beard grooming many men think it as a complex and mystifying process. But, trust me, it should not be like this, and in fact, it is not. Don’t just take my word for it. How do you think celebrates like Jason Momoa and Jake Gyllenhaal maintain their great looking beard in such a busy schedule?

Taking care of beard and properly maintain it is very easy, actionable, and repeatable. But, in the world of the internet, after reading so much information and articles many seem to be dumbfounded.

That’s why today I’ve decided to cover the issue as much as possible and easily and practically. Please continue reading to unfold the mystery.

1. Be Patient: Exquisite Beard is the outcome of Patience, Dedication, and Love

Photo by Nathon Oski on Unsplash

If you have a full-grown beard you know how much love and time it has taken to come to this stage. And if your beard is just growing you should know, great things take time. So, buckle up, take regular care of it and try to feel its need.

Every man is different and their skin and beard requirement is also unique. So, try to feel and understand what your beard needs and provide that for your new love, your beard.

Give your beard at least 3-5 week time in the beginning so that it can grow evenly and it will help to determine the perfect style for you. At this time do not trim it at all.

2. Shape and Size Matters: Choose the Perfect Style and Trim Beard Regularly

Beards are meant to make you look smart and classy, not clumsy, and awkward. But if your beard does not match your face shape and if you don’t trim it properly regularly it will make you look clumsy and awkward. I don’t want to explain much on this issue as it is highly dependent on personal preference. Here’s a handy guide from Business Insider that can help you to decide the perfect style based on your face shape.

Even if you are planning to make your beard longer you should trim ending part of it so that it looks sharp and splendid. Investing in a quality trimmer and scissors can take you a long way. There is no one way to trim beard and it is highly dependent on the style of beard. So, based on your style be sure to choose the perfect shape.

3. Use Beard Oil: Assign a Good Beard Oil In-charge to Ensure Perfect Beard Condition

Previously, many had doubted the importance of beard oil in beard grooming and beard care. But, their numbers are decreasing rapidly. Now people understand a splendid looking beard deserves extra care. It is more important due to the increase in pollution and direct exposure of our beard and face to pollution. Good beard oil can ensure your beard is protected from pollution and gets proper nutrition it deserves.

According to celebrity groomer Scott McMahan,

“Beard oil can confound anyone due to its various types and usage.”

But don’t worry my friend, here I am at your service. Here is a very important and informative (Supported by authentic research data) article on perfect beard oil and how to decide which one is the best.

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing then here’s the summary. Good beard oil should:

  1. Support the growth and strength of your beard.
  2. Prevent skin dryness and itchiness.
  3. Contain exquisite fragrance to boost mood and confidence.
  4. Moisturize and nourish your skin.
  5. Keep the beard clean and dandruff free.

Based on these requirements, I highly recommend you to check out our all-new Leo’s Wicked CBD Beard OilThis oil is made of 100% natural ingredients that are carefully picked to fit for almost all skin types. Want to know how exactly this oil promises you making yourself stand out of the crowd? Read it here.

4. Use Beard Balm: It will Tame Your Beard

Beards are like wild animals. If you don’t give them the perfect shape they will go as they wish. And, I can guarantee you that it will be the last thing you will want from your beloved beard. It will make your well-grown healthy beard look unpolished.

Here’s an article of mine that clearly describes what beard balm is, what it does, qualities of best beard balm, and how to use it to get the optimal result. Here’s the summary of the qualities of the best beard balm.

  1. It should be all-natural.
  2. It should support beard growth.
  3. It should make your beard look great by keeping it in shape.
  4. It should have anti-aging and skincare properties.

Based on the qualities above, I request you to have a look at our Leo’s Wicked CBD Beard BalmThis balm is made of 100% natural and highly effective ingredients like castor jelly, Kokum butter, organic olive oil, CBD hemp oil, and much more.

Want to know how all that can improve your beard and skin health? Here’s all the scientific research-based info you need. Have a look.

5. Chose a Proper Facial Toner: A Good Skin is a Precondition for Healthy Beard

For many years men thought face toners are for women. But, recent science has proved it is equally important for men too especially due to an increase in pollution.

A good facial toner should serve you in the following ways.

  1. Keep your face free from impurities.
  2. Keep the skin hydrated.
  3. Should have anti-aging properties.
  4. Should protect you from sunburn.

Here is one bad news for you. There are not many face toners for men in the market that ticks all the qualities I’ve stated above.

But, don’t you worry my friend. I can confidently tell you that this face toner is solely designed for men and a worth trying.

It covers all the qualities that I have mentioned above. Want to know more? Here you go. Read the article and see the scientific researches linked to the article yourself.

6. Don’t Forget to Give Your Moustache a Lovely Touch

Photo by Frank Marino on Unsplash

Your mustache is also part of your glorious face and deserves a lovely visit every 4-6 days. Choose grooming scissors and trim the stray hairs to keep it classy and exquisite. Our Leo’s Wicked CBD Beard Balm can offer you a helping hand in keeping your mustache sculpted.

7. Wash Your Beard Regularly

This is by far the most important care you can take to your beard. After day-long exposure to heat, sun, and dust your beard surly pile up several impurities that need to be removed ASAP.

Our beard oil and beard balm can protect your beard from instant exposure to impurities and buy you some time to wash out them. You should cleanse your face and body with good cleanser as soon as you get the chance. After cleaning don’t forget to apply Leo’s Wicked CBD Peppermint Facial Toner to restore your skin health.

8. Eat Healthy, Lead Healthy

Even if I admit all the above steps are crucial for perfect beard care and beard grooming, you can’t avoid the importance of eating healthy food and leading a healthy life.

Our beards are made of protein and require various vitamins and minerals for growth. So, try to eat protein and vitamin-rich foods, like chicken, chickpea, and seasonal fruits, regularly. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. Consult a doctor or nutritionist if you think you are not getting the expected result even after following a healthy diet.

Not having proper and enough sleep, not taking bath regularly also might cause imbalance sometimes. So, try to follow these too. None of these are hard, though they may seem in the beginning. All they take is willpower and some practice.

Remember my friend,

“Your beard is the best gift You can give to your face”

Photo by Frank Marino on Unsplash

So, here my friend here is my ultimate guide to beard grooming. I can confidently say that if you can follow these easy and actionable steps regularly, it won’t take much time for people to start noticing the classiness of your beard. They will be compelled to say, “I wish I had a beard like you ?.”

If you are new to beard care and beard grooming then follow these steps, they are easy and safe to practice. And, don’t forget to comment below how useful you found them.

If you have beard for some time and already take care of your beard, then please comment on what other steps you found useful and should be added here. Your suggestions will help the community to grow and develop.

If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment below so that I can help you out. Thanks for your time and interest.



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