New B.S.H. Rejuvenating Products That Protect Skin Against The Side-Effects Of Hand Sanitizers


Leaf of Life Wellness, a company renowned for its consistency in formulating great, yet natural wellness products since 1978, is at it again. This time around, the company is introducing a new natural product that helps to rejuvenate the skin, make skin glow and protect the skin against damages that extended use of hand sanitizer can cause.

The new product is Tea Tree and Lemon B.S.H. (Broad Spectrum Hemp) Hand and Body Lotion. Even though hand sanitizer comes in handy when it protecting against germs, bacteria, viruses and especially coronavirus which is currently ravaging the world, it has been reported by the Foods and Drugs Administration (F.D.A.) that hand sanitizer does more harm than good to human skin in the long run. According to the FDA (2010), alcohol content and other harsh bacteria-killing ingredients can cause skin sensitivity.

Furthermore, it is noted that some hand sanitizers contain a substance called triclosan instead of alcohol. Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent commonly used as an ingredient for soaps and cleaning agents. It is also an active ingredient in pesticides. Hand sanitizers do not clean residue material from your skin – the fat from popcorn, chicken wings, or french fries, or the sugar from the donut cannot be properly removed by using hand sanitizers. In addition to that, decreased effectiveness of hand sanitizer can lead to more bacteria and germs being spread in the human body. To treat every types of skin reactions, sunburns and rashes, the following are some of Leaf of Life Wellness products that can be used:

i. Topical balms, creams, oils, bath soaks and more, all infused with CBD & BSH and ready to help you find relaxation and relief.

ii. Premium CBD & BSH pet products which are designed to help four-legged pets find relaxation and relief.

iii. Premium CBD & BSH Nutriments: these include lozenges, isolates, tinctures and more, all infused with CBD and ready to help you find relaxation and relief.

iv. Premium natural hemp flower.

v. Tea Tree and Lemon B.S.H. (Broad Spectrum Hemp) Hand and Body Lotion made for every type of human skin.

While addressing a team of journalists at the launching of new products, the CEO of Leaf of Life averred that, ” Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, many people now use hand sanitizers indiscriminately – this is not good for their health and it is going to tell on their skin soon. To guard against every negativity that comes with use of hand sanitizer, we have developed new natural wellness products to rejuvenate everyone’s skin and make them glow. It is a known fact that each sanitizer users’ hands become more sensitive to U.V. light – This means that continuous use of hand sanitizer may make someone become more susceptible to getting a sunburn on their hands. We, therefore, enjoin everyone to use our new and old products, so they can have glowing skin .”

Therefore, to relieve the negative effects of hand sanitizer on the skin, it is essential that everyone applies Tea Tree and Lemon B.S.H. (Broad Spectrum Hemp) Hand and Body Lotion by Leaf of Life Wellness.



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