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Massage oils, like balms, are designed to be applied to the skin and rubbed in for full effect.

  • Multiply the power of your daily massages with Dr. Shuyun's Massage Oil

    Dr. Shuyun's Ancient Ylang Ylang and Ginger Massage Oil uses proprietary formula based on ancient methods for healing and relaxing.  Raised in a mountainous region in China, Dr. Shuyun learned the art of combining natural herbs and wellness from multi-generational family members.  Now Dr. Shuyun has brought these ancient secrets to the United States to share with you and your loved ones.   The result is a massage oil that not only relaxes your muscles but can help relieve the stresses put on your body each day, aiding muscles and joints. We apologize for any inconvenience but this site is currently under construction.  Please use the button link below to add the product using our sister site,
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  • Muscle Comfort Massage Oil uses a combination of warming elements, like Camphor, along with other essential oils and naturally occurring B.S.H. (Broad Spectrum Hemp) to achieve deep muscle penetration. This allows for the release of extreme muscle tension and pain. Great for pulled or sore muscles, it also can also be used for full body massage and as a magnifier of the Extreme Recover balm.
  • Therapeutic B.S.H. Massage Oil is a combination of essential oils, like ylang ylang, ginger, lavender, geranium, rosemary, and naturally occurring Broad Spectrum Hemp for the best tension-relieving massage. This formulation is designed for relaxation and stress-relieving massages. Great for full body massages and can also be used in conjunction with Extreme Recover balm for deeper penetration and a higher degree of relief. Many have found relief from restless leg syndrome with this product.