Extreme Recover

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Extreme Recover balm is a topical pain reliever specially formulated using a blend of 15 essential oils, deep penetrating carrier oils and naturally occurring B.S.H. (Broad Spectrum Hemp).  Each essential oil adds a new layer of protective power for your skin and body amplified by the 4 carrier oils we use to deliver the deepest penetration right down to your muscles providing fast-acting results that last.



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Active Ingredients


Arnica (originating in Europe and Greenland) is a perennial, herbaceous plant in the sunflower family that produces yellow-orange, star-shaped flowers and grows in high-elevation environments.

It is believed that the plant has anti-inflammatory properties and is well known for being used for bruises, sprains, muscle soreness, and muscle spasms often associated with sports activity, without any unwanted drowsiness. Arnica is also used to treat:

  • joint pain
  • arthritis
  • wounds
  • inflammation caused by insect bites
  • broken bones’ swelling

Arnica also stimulates the mucous membranes’ immune functions and is even said to help heal emotional trauma.

It can be incredibly powerful with pets; use it for acute injuries, post-surgical repair, and when an animal is in shock.

Comfrey Leaves

Comfrey is a strong-growing perennial shrub, native to Europe and some parts of Asia such as Siberia and Turkey. There are up to 35 species, and comfrey’s relatives include both borage and heliotrope.

It works wonderfully as an anti-inflammatory agent for:

  • bruises
  • pulled muscles
  • inflamed bunions
  • fractures and sprains

When applied to the skin, chemicals in comfrey have healing effects on wounds.

Comfrey contains a substance that is known as a cell proliferator, which enables the body to recover quickly.

It is also a natural pain reliever and can help even pets manage joint pain, scratches, and rashes when used topically. In some cases, it has been recommended to treat diarrhea and other stomach ailments.


DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, is an organosulfur compound that comes from a substance found in wood.

The use of DMSO in medicine dates from around 1963. It’s an effective supplement that can help other medications get through the skin since it is easily absorbed and facilitates the passage of compounds across mucous membranes and the skin.

It works on:

  • bladder inflammation (interstitial cystitis)
  • limb pain that usually occurs after an injury (complex regional pain syndrome)
  • and osteoarthritis pain as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant

It is closely related to MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which is also well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and pain relief.

DMSO for dogs and horses directly relieves the discomfort of an affected area by blocking the pain.

It is used in dogs and horses for chronic injuries, joint inflammation, inflamed tendons and swelling, and osteoarthritis.

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Broad Spectrum Hemp, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Oil, Avacado Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Comphrey Leaves, Plantain Leaves, Calendula Flower, Yarrow Flowers, Arnica Flowers, Corydalys, Hemp Butter, DMSO, EO of Allspice, EO of Basil, EO of Birch, EO of Black Pepper, EO of Camphor, EO of Cayenne, EO of Cinnamon, EO of Eucalyptus, EO of Ginger, EO of Lavender, EO of Juniper Berry, EO of Peppermint, EO of Rosemary, EO of Spearmint, EO of Tea Tree, EO of Wintergreen, Menthol Crystals, Liquid Trace Minerals with Magnesium and Bees Wax.


Rub a generous amount of Extreme Recover directly onto affected areas. Reapply as necessary. Safe for the whole body. External use only.