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Gorilla Grape Terpene Lozenges

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Gorilla Grape Terpene Lozenges


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Gorilla Grape Terpene Lozenges are an aromatherapy lozenge designed to deliver a specific profile of Linalool rich therapeutic terpenes though the olfactory system (nose, sinus and tongue).  Linalool has been known to provide a calming feeling for many people, along with many other health benefits. Linalool has sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as has shown to be an anti-convulsive.  These effects may be amplified when paired with naturally occurring cannabinoids and may amplify the effects of those cannabinoids.

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The Gorilla Grape Terpene Lozenge contains Linalool along with other essential terpenes that mimic the flavor of the famous Gorilla Grape cannabis strain. It may help with anxiety, stress and insomnia.

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