B.S.H. Lotion Set

This B.S.H. Lotion Set is made from a combination of several potent herbs, oils, and minerals and has yielded a powerful product that can provide you with the ultimate pain relief plus other benefits for healthy skin. This set includes:

  • Our Ultimate Lavender B.S.H. Hand & Body Lotion is specially formulated with beneficial botanicals that aid in reducing joint pain and inflammation, muscle stiffness, and soreness while promoting relaxation and healthy blemish-free skin.
  • With our Lemongrass and Sage B.S.H. Hand and Body Lotion, you can repel germs and bacteria that can gather on the skin throughout the day and also relieve skin irritation.
  • Our Tea Tree Lemon B.S.H. Hand and Body Lotion has an anti-inflammatory effect and may reduce redness and swelling, ease joint pain, and help to reduce pain associated with many conditions.

$64.99 or $51.99 / month

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What's better than getting your favorite Leaf of Life Wellness 200mg B.S.H. infused hand and body lotions? Getting a great deal on the complete set! Our 200mg B.S.H. (Broad Spectrum Hemp high in CBD, CBG, and CBN) Lotion Set includes our Lemongrass and Sage, Tea Tree Lemon and Ultimate Lavender lotions, each designed to help rejuvenate and keep your skin looking healthier than ever.

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