Soothing Hemp B.S.H. Foot and Leg Balm

Our Soothing Hemp B.S.H. Foot and Leg Balm is designed to provide you with optimal topical pain relief. It is potently formulated with several powerful botanicals and natural ingredients that are known to be efficient pain relievers, making it a reliable pain reliever. This product’s deep penetrating action makes it well-suited for assisting with the relief of deep muscular pain. Our Soothing Hemp B.S.H. Foot and Leg Balm has a formulation of over 15 pain and inflammation-relieving natural ingredients that means you don’t have to deal with the pesky side effects associated with other chemical-filled pain relievers. Use it before, during, or after any physical activity or onset of pain and inflammation.

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Lotions are great, but when you need relief deep in your muscle tissue, there is no substitute for a balm.  Designed to begin to provide pain relief and loosen muscles within minutes, our Soothing Hemp Foot & Leg Balm have carrier oils that start with relief to the upper skin and muscle layers and keep working until it reaches the deepest muscles.

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