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2020-05-06T15:50:29+00:00May 6th, 2020|Education|

CBD and Broad Spectrum Hemp have been losing their stigma as being something to fear for a few years now. As more people learn about how it differs from its heady cousin, THC, it is gaining wider acceptance. Yet, there are still some who are falling for persistent myths about Broad Spectrum Hemp and CBD. Let’s set the [...]

How Coronavirus Stress Causes Inflammation & Hemp Oil Helps

2020-04-14T13:22:51+00:00April 14th, 2020|Inflammation|

Note [4/4/2020]: The coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing global-level public health emergency and, as such, the situation changes daily. The best way to stay safe is to stay up-to-date about and adhere to public health officials’ recommendations, regulations, and restrictions in your area. For more information about the outbreak, hand washing, face masks, and other coronavirus [...]

Leaf of Life Wellness Launches New B.S.H. Rejuvenating Products That Protect Skin Against The Side-Effects Of Hand Sanitizers

2020-04-14T12:05:17+00:00April 7th, 2020|Press Release|

April 6, 2020 : Leaf of Life Wellness, a company renowned for its consistency in formulating great, yet natural wellness products since 1978, is at it again. This time around, the company is introducing a new natural product that helps to rejuvenate the skin, make skin glow and protect the skin against damages that extended use [...]