Terpene Tincture Bundle

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Three pack of Terpene Tinctures with 500MG broad spectrum hemp focused on CBD, CGG, and CBN and terpenes. Tinctures include our Citrus Peppermint Immunity Blend, our Cherry Chocolate Sleep Blend, and our Cinnamon Coffee Pain/Inflammation Blend.

Our tinctures are formulated with purpose and taste in mind, not a basic hemp oil carried by coconut oil combination like our competitors. Buy our bundle now and save $30.

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Citrus Peppermint Tincture with Immunity Terpene Profile

A compromised immunity can result in many systemic issues and even set the stage for serious illness. From asthma and allergies to cancer and autism, some of the most prevailing health problems are rooted to a broken or severely challenged immune system. This select blend combines several of the most noted terpenes to fight undifferentiated cell proliferation, viruses, bacteria and infection.

Cherry Chocolate Tincture with Sleep Terpene Profile

This formula contains a blend of terpenes known to act as sedatives. It provides a very soothing experience that is effective in relieving stress and anxiety and serves well in fighting insomnia. This blend of isolated terpenes will aid in a full night of restful sleep without the annoying side effects experienced from prescription sedatives.

Cinnamon Coffee Tincture with Pain Terpene Profile

Whether caused by trauma or a medical condition, pain is often linked to some form of inflammation. Acute and chronic symptoms can be effectively managed with the right combination of anti-inflammatory terpenes. This blend does just that, and more. Take off the edge and say goodbye to restless nights, stiff mornings and reduced mobility. Nobody should live in pain.


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