Calm Bath Bomb

Our Calm Bath Bomb is gentle enough for sensitive skin and still effective on normal skin, making it quite suitable for all skin types. It provides a range of beneficial skin softeners and emollients to your bath to pamper and soothe your skin while removing germs and debris. Our Calm Bath Bomb is ideal for skin support and protection with its formulation of hemp-derived CBD, Rose Absolute, and Ylang Ylang Oil to help you and your skin feel calm, especially after an active and hectic day. It is also ideal for sore joints, muscles, and back.

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A bath is meant to do more than just cleanse your skin; a bath should soften, and moisturize your skin, leaving it supple, soft, and smooth and leave you feeling calm.

Our Calm Bath Bomb adds fun, natural and approved added softeners and emollients to your bathwater, promoting skin pampering and support, regardless of your skin type. It indulges your skin with its hemp-derived CBD, Rose Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil to help you and your skin feel calm especially after a long and tiring day.

While this essential oil-packed bath bomb calms and soothes your skin, its potent and beneficial ingredients also provide your body with other advantages, including relieving muscle cramps and psychological distress, stimulating circulation, and relieving pain from arthritis or the back. It can also provide relief to achy, overworked arms and legs and ease stiffness in joints.

  • Made In The USA
  • Animal Cruelty-free
  • Lab-tested
  • Pure Isolated Hemp Extract
  • Research-backed Ingredients
  • Available in mg/OZ
  • May contain glitter

Who Can Use Our Calm Bath Bomb?

Our Calm Bath Bomb is suitable for anyone, provided that they do not have sensitivity to any of its ingredients.

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